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Barbados Vacations Raffle

In aid of our new Diagnostic and Services Centre.
Henry's Lane, Collymore Rock, St. Michael, Barbados.
Contact: Dr. Cooke-Johnson, President.
Tel: 1 246 436 8888. Fax: 1 246 429 3227.
E-mail: [email protected]

Draw for winning tickets: Tuesday 19th August 2003 at 5:55 p.m. Barbados time, on CBC TV Channel 8.

Prize # Description Winner
1A week for two at Fairmont Royal Pavilion. 13165
2A week for two at Crystal Cove Hotel. 20802
3 A week for two at Sam Lord's Castle 05395
4 A week for two at Southern Palms Beach Club 11740
5A week for two at Casuarina Beach Club 17314
6A week for two at Coconut Court Beach Resort 17764
7A week for two at Pirate's Inn. 20507

For all prizes, flights are on BWIA, British West Indies Airways, from the gateway nearest to you. Congratulations to winners

We are trying to contact you. Please try to contact us by phone, fax, e-mail or post, and give us the name and address you entered on your ticket stub. We will advise your Hotel and BWIA and confirm your identity, provide prize documents and help you to initiate your plans.

If you did not win, the Barbados Cancer Society invites you to explore what Barbados can offer you for your next great Vacation.

Society Headquarters

In its 21st year, 2001, the Society moved into its new Headquarters, Diagnostic and Services Centre at Henry's Lane, Collymore Rock, close to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Polyclinic and the Belleville Medical Community.

The Government of Barbados leased the property, on 15000sq ft, to the Society for 50 years. The building has been extended to double the original size and purpose-designed to include 4 early detection clinics for breast, cervix and prostate cancer, and also mammography screening, ultrasound and biopsies.

The Centre houses administrative offices, education, tobacco control and transport services, as well as welfare, client services, financial advice, support services and groups, a resource centre and a small registry. The new facility will expand to complementary therapics, pain management and further diagnostics. Advice and suport from interested parties overseas, particularly Barbadians, is welcome. Help us to meet the challenge of combating cancer in the 21st century.